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When I look into my little granddaughter’s eyes I see a light, a spark. I know behind that spark is promise; I know there are dreams.

I believe this spark is present in all children.

I also believe older generations are charged with kindling that spark, unleashing the promise and helping fulfill the dreams of our children and grandchildren. And education is the key for unlocking this potential.

The harsh reality, as former UNR President Milt Glick would often tell me, is that the greatest determiner of academic success, and unlocking potential, is the ZIP code.

Over the past few decades,  I have immersed myself more and more in our educational systems — as a volunteer, donor and husband. Through all of that, I’ve been disappointed to discover that Dr. Glick was, indeed, right. Socio-economic status, parents, peers and cultural expectations all play a decisive role in student success, especially when it comes to higher education.  

This is where dreams can be buried. This is also where dreams can come alive. 

Now that I’m retired from a career helping people with their financial dreams, I want to do everything within my power to unlock doors, so all of our children and grandchildren have equal access to high-quality education.

I’m not a professional educator — I’m an education advocate who brings more than 30 years of business experience to the position. I’m a team builder, a goal setter, a communicator, a budgeter and a community networker.

I don’t have any other political goals or potential conflicts of interest. I want nothing more than to support students who want to learn and the people who want to teach and support that endeavor.

That is why I’m running for the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents.

Our people deserve the right to grow what is in their hearts and minds. And our state deserves to benefit from what they have to offer. We cannot be limited by our zip codes.

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